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Jesus is always faithful and His love endures forever!

These are messages that were laid on my heart. I pray that they will be a blessing to you and that through them you will experience the voice of God guiding your life.

Recent Messages

What Does It Mean To Be Humble Before God?
Seeking the will of God

Imagine A Ministry With Unlimited Resources
We sometimes think about our wishes coming what if...

Where Were You On Sunday Morning?
What does going to church mean?

The bible talks about miracles among His people. Where are they?

Love That Tips The Scales
If we love one another is that enough?

Joy? What Happened to That?
Where God's joy originates and what gets it off track

If You Can Only Do One Thing...
The easy simplicity of the Christian life

Could That Be An Angel In Front Of You?
SOSB -- Sudden Onset Spiritual Blindness



Burst Into Flames Cover

Learn about regaining intamacy with God through a fiction story
Burst Into Flames: A Parable

As Blake stared at the empty side of his bed, he knew that his wife must be in Heaven.  If anybody was ever going to Heaven, it would be his precious Elaine.  Although he wanted nothing more than to join her there, he had to wonder if he had the faith to make it into Heaven.  Her faith had been incredible.  In comparison, his faith seemed so empty, almost fake.

Journey with Blake as he seeks to restore his life and repair his faith.  Burst Into Flames: A Parable is an encouraging and challenging story of Christ's power in the life that is surrendered to Him.


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