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What Does It Mean To Be Humble Before God?
Seeking the will of God  (2014-11-23)

Imagine A Ministry With Unlimited Resources
We sometimes think about our wishes coming what if...  (2014-11-06)

Where Were You On Sunday Morning?
What does going to church mean?  (2014-10-28)

The bible talks about miracles among His people. Where are they?  (2014-09-25)

Love That Tips The Scales
If we love one another is that enough?  (2014-09-16)

Joy? What Happened to That?
Where God's joy originates and what gets it off track  (2014-09-05)

If You Can Only Do One Thing...
The easy simplicity of the Christian life  (2014-05-29)

Could That Be An Angel In Front Of You?
SOSB -- Sudden Onset Spiritual Blindness  (2014-05-15)

An Inspirational Death
The passing of a friend teaches a wonderful lesson  (2014-05-08)

Too Close To The Cross
A fictional story as an Easter gift  (2014-04-18)

Have a Blessed Christmas!
The wonder of that special star  (2013-12-25)

Bible Witness #4: The Birth of Jesus
Another in the series of fictionalized re-tellings of compelling Bible stories  (2013-12-11)

Is God Too Convenient?
An easy relationship with the Lord may be worse than none at all  (2013-04-19)

The Whisper That We Don't Want To Miss
Elijah's mountan-top experience relates to understanding God's will  (2013-02-16)

Bible Witness #3: Feeding of 5000
Another in the series of fictionalized re-tellings of compelling Bible stories  (2012-08-11)

Easily Distracted
Wow, what cool stuff!  (2012-07-26)

Just Along for the Show Or Preparing For Something Big?
The nameless followers of Jesus go big-time  (2012-05-31)

How Ya' Doin'?
Where do you stand in what is really important?  (2012-05-17)

Bible Witness #2: Gideon -- From Coward to Hero
Another in the series of fictionalized re-tellings of compelling Bible stories  (2012-05-13)

Biblical Fashion Advice
What does the repentant Christian wear?  (2012-04-18)

Bible Witness #1: Jairus and His Daughter
First in a series of fictionalized re-tellings of compelling Bible stories  (2012-04-08)

The Faith of the Pharisees
Religion goes off-track, could it happen to us?  (2012-03-03)

2011 Christmas Wish
Don't miss the most important Christmas gift!  (2011-12-18)

A Bible Hero
Saying Yes to God can't always be easy  (2011-11-06)

Across the Ocean
No way across (without a miracle)  (2011-09-21)

A Most Precious Gift
The king got his, but then what should be done with it?  (2011-07-19)

Actions Designed To Please
The real deal or just pretend?  (2011-03-22)

Problems, Problems Everywhere
So many struggling Christians, where is God at these times?  (2011-02-27)

Yes, Sir!
Being Obedient to God  (2011-01-17)

Like A Rebellious Teenager
I can mess up my life without your help, thank you!  (2010-12-26)

A Baby? Surely Something More Exciting Could Be Done
God loves us and always does the best for us  (2010-12-17)

Keeping Focused
If you are doing God's work, are you pleasing God?  (2010-11-12)

It Is What We Do On Sundays
What exactly makes church be church? What is God's idea about Church?  (2010-11-10)

Determining The Will Of God
He knows best, but how do we know what path that is?  (2010-10-04)

Going Out On A Limb For Jesus
The story of the little guy with the big idea  (2010-09-22)

The Number One, Most Important Thing
The Bible is full of instructions, where to start?  (2010-09-12)

If More People Show Up, It Must Be Good
A look at ministry and God's way of doing things  (2010-08-27)

I Would Be Too Embarrassed
God tells us what it will be like to stand before Him  (2010-08-11)

Truth or Fiction? The Lines Between Them Blur
Belief in Jesus appears to come in different flavors  (2010-07-27)

The Problem With Growing Up Around Here
What God wants of us is so different than what we see and hear  (2010-07-16)

Who Are We Worshiping?
God hates idol worship, so it is a good thing we don't have any of that.  (2010-06-24)

Why Are We Here?
God put each of us on this earth for a purpose --key into that  (2010-06-16)

The (Non-Political) Plan to Fix Our Country
God is involved in the country fixing business  (2010-06-01)

Check Your Mind At The Door Of The Church?
Just where does intellect fit into seeking Christ?   (2010-05-18)

Of Course I Love Everybody, Except Him and Her and...
It seems that unlovable must mean not lovable, right?  (2010-05-01)

There Is No Free Lunch
If it isn't free, what's the cost of Jesus?  (2010-04-26)

Did I Forget Something Important? Probably!
God made us and knows our limitations. He wants us to remember, but knows we are forgetful.  (2010-04-20)

The Bible Shouldn't Be Read Alone
The role of the Holy Spirit to bring the Bible to life.  (2010-04-07)

Money Makes the World Go 'Round
The world is full of conflicting advise about money, what's right?  (2010-03-25)

How much time?
Looking at eternity, our life is over in a flash, so what do we make of it?  (2010-03-16)

Service to God
We are called as servants of God. Serve How?  (2010-03-07)

The Side of God You Don't Want To See
God has many sides to His character, some are very appealing and some that aren't.  (2010-03-01)

Some Repair and Maintenance Required
Sometimes thing seem to fall into place, frequently things just fall apart  (2010-02-23)

What does God want?
A look at the Master's plan for us.  (2010-02-19)

I Hate to Have to Wait!
All waiting is hard, what do you mean I have to wait on the Lord too?  (2010-02-08)

Could All These Good Christians Be Sinners?
How God can use our weaknesses to make us better  (2010-01-31)

Our Jealous God
Just how much God is enough?  (2010-01-26)

Why would we expect God to be like us?
We like to attach human emotions and motivations to the Almighty, which is a really bad idea  (2010-01-20)

Make a mistake? Not me!
A look at how Joshua was deceived and what steps we can take to avoid being led in the wrong direction  (2010-01-18)

Comfort vs. Comfortable
Rest in the comfort of God, but don't get comfortable...  (2010-01-14)

God & Me Like Oil & Water?
Oil and water can be mixed together, but then they will start to separate as soon as you stop mixing  (2010-01-10)

A Manual for Crisis Times
Imagine yourself as king of a small country with a huge attacking army on the way  (2010-01-10)

Life Cleaning 101
Everyone tells us we need to change our lives, but that is harder to do than it is to say, or is it?  (2010-01-10)

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