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Why would we expect God to be like us?

If you are a cartoonist and you want to show God, you simply draw an old man with a long beard sitting amoung clouds.  When people see this cartoon, they will immediately recognize that this character is God.

It is comfortable to see God as human.  There is something difficult about holding an invisible, infinite, immortal, eternal God in our mental focus.  We are well practiced at holding people in our minds, so if we just think of God as a person...

While thinking of God as a human is tempting, it is also dangerous.  When we think of God as a person, we begin to think of Him as having human emotions, a human perspective, human limitations and human error.  There things are, of course, terribly incorrect because He has none of these attributes, He is GOD.

There is a good reason why we are commanded throughout the Bible to give God praise.  We have to be reminded of who He is.  Our minds have to be forced to grasp how big He is, otherwise they tend to shrink Him down to our size.

It challenges us to think about a God that is outside of time, but He existed before there was time and He will still be there after the end of time.  It challenges us to think of God seeing more of life than we can see, but He doesn't just see what people do and say, He looks directly into the hearts and minds of all the billions of people on the earth at one time.  It challenges us to think that anybody could have created our world, but He is the one that built you cell-by-cell, that placed the stars all those many light-years away, He is the one that shaped the mountains and carved every grain of sand.  It challenges us to think of anybody possessing more power than the powerful people of our world, but there is nothing that God can't do, He is all-powerful.

So we serve this God that is very 'not human'.  We shouldn't expect what He does to be what humans would do.  In fact, when somebody is trying to determine whether an instruction is from God or not, one of the most common attributes of an instruction from God is that it isn't something that the person would naturally choose to do.  We can't expect God, who seeks the eternal progress of His kingdom to choose the same things that a mere human would choose.

God's perspective on everything is totally different than ours.  I think of our relative situation as to being like a computer screen.  Our perspective is like that of a single 2-dimensional pixel point on the screen.  We can only see the pixels right around us, but God who is outside the screen can see the entire pattern made by all the multitude of pixels.

So, when god tells us to do something, it may not make any sense; it may not even make any sense in hindsight.  I know of one time that God had me do something.  Even now, I don't know why what I did had the effect that it did.  I know that this action, which I did reluctantly, had a huge impact on the life of a man.  I don't pretend to understand what this was all about, it was a God thing.

When we consider serving God to be faithfully "doing church," we are missing out on the incredible things that only God can accomplish.  God wants us to serve Him, to obey Him in the instructions that He gives us individually.  This is a service that can only happen through listening to Him with an open mind and a servant's heart. 

The things that God will ask us to do may not make any sense.  Why would we ever expect them to make any sense to us?  He is God and we're not.

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