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Across the Ocean

Amber sat on the sand looking out at the gray ocean waves as daylight was fading away.  The cool wind seemed to blow right through her as she pulled her jacket more closely around her and hugged her knees more tightly.  The waves beating against the sand provided a counter-beat to the litany running through her head of all the things wrong with her life.

Although she hated to admit it, she knew that most of the problems were her own fault.  She had trusted in the wrong things and the wrong people.  All she really knew was that she needed something different, she needed a new start.  She stared out at the horizon wondering about life on the other side of the water, in some land she couldn't see.  While she was sure that her life would be better there, she knew it was only a dream.  When she was realistic, she was positive that she would never have an opportunity to cross the ocean and experience that better life.


There isn't one of us that hasn't wanted to escape our life at one time or another, because life isn't easy.  In our own power, however, we are mostly stuck right where we are.  However, there is hope in Christ.  Isaiah wrote about God:
Wasn't it you who dried up the sea, the waters of the great deep, who made the sea-bed into a road for the redeemed to pass over? (Isaiah 51:10)

When we were sitting in a pool of our own stinking sin, Christ died for us.  He didn't wait until we were pristine and holy, He made a way for us when we had nothing going for us.  It would have been easier for Amber to swim across the ocean, than for us to span the gulf that separated us from God, but He exhibited amazing love for us by making a pathway right across the uncrossable ocean.

This is not a kind of love that we are accustomed to.  We expect love to be a sort of quid pro quo arrangement of “I'll love you if you love me and are good to me”, but never a love that says, “In spite of how you are acting toward Me, I will love you and give to you.”  That is the sort of love that Jesus demonstrated for us on the cross, a love that just isn't of this world.

Moses and the Israelites leaving Egypt crossed the Red Sea on foot seeking to leave slavery and go to a land flowing with milk and honey.  While this is an incredible miracle, it is an even greater miracle that Jesus has provided a way across a uncrossable span.  All our efforts and initiative cannot bring a single person  across from sin to righteousness.  Only through the miracle of Jesus can any person cross this wide gulf to approach the throne of God.  Only through this miracle, can anybody ever have a hope of entering heaven.

The miracle of Jesus happened, not because we deserved it, but because God had a huge love for us.  He loved us, enough to allow His own son to be tortured and killed for us, just so He could make a pathway for His other children to cross over.  He loves His children and wants to spend eternity with them.  

Just imagine an eternity spent in the presence of El Shadai, the Almighty God.  Imagine basking in His overwhelming love forever and ever.  Imagine walking and conversing with Moses, Elijah, Peter, Paul and, of course, Jesus.  Imagine, not just experiencing a little of the Spirit of God, but being right there at the source, living continuously with His Spirit turned up to maximum volume.  Imagine His awe-inspiring glory.  Imagine this going on for all eternity.

It makes the land flowing with milk and honey pale in comparison.  Praise the Lord!

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