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Have a Blessed Christmas!

You blink and rub your eyes in disbelief. You have spent you entire life looking at the stars and tonight there is a new star in the Eastern sky that has never been there.  What could it mean?

After consulting with the top men of wisdom in all the land, you now recognize that this new star represents the birth of a king, but not just a regular king.  This king is one that the creator of the heavens is applauding with this special light in the sky.  As you think about it, you realize that this event is likely the biggest thing of all time.  When has God ever placed a special star in the sky for any human before?

As you attempt to go on with your life and work, you cannot stop watching and wondering about the star.  Although you try to fight it, you feel yourself being drawn toward the star.  Finally you give in and begin to make preparations to travel to see where this star leads. You find that several of the other wise men of the land are making the same preparations, so you begin planning to travel together.

The journey takes months of trudging through the desert, but the star continues to draw you, as if it is calling your name.

Finally, the star stops and you realize that you have reached your destination.  On the other side of this humble door is the king that God Himself announced to the world.  You pause in momentary fear and you wonder what you will find inside.

When you do enter, you see a mother and Child, which is not particularly special.  What is almost overwhelming is a tangible sense that God is in the room.  You are a very important and respected person that bows down to nobody in you own land, but here, in the presence of God, you find yourself on your knees before the child.  Your heart is filled with a certainly that, somehow, this child is God in a human form.

You also feel something that you haven't felt since you were a small child in the arms of your mother, you feel completely and totally loved.  This love lifts you up so you feel as light as a feather.

You and your friends present gifts of gold, frankincense and myrh to the child, but even as valuable as these gifts are, they feel totally inadequate a gift for the God of such love.

On your way home, you recognize that you will never be the same.  There was something about that encounter that has forever changed you.  You will never look at the world in the same way.  You now know that you are loved by an incredible God in a way you never dreamed of before.

Wise men still seek Him.
Merry Christmas from the McInteer Family!

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