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A Most Precious Gift

In the book of Isaiah we learn how King Hezekiah cried out from his deathbed and begged the Lord to give him more time.  The Lord heard his prayers and granted Hezekiah healing.  He communicated to the king that he would get an additional 15 years, then showed him a miracle, just so he would know that this was all of God.

Just imagine, if you had been given a designated amount of time to live by God Almighty.  How Hezekiah must have desired to change his life.  How he must have wanted to live a life that made a difference.  How fearless he must have been, knowing that God is on his side.  How he must have wanted to live a life serving the God that gave him this time.

What about you?  Although you may not know exactly how many years you have, they are short.  Every one of them has been granted by God Himself.  He has plans for you.  There is work to be done.  What are you waiting for?

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