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2011 Christmas Wish

Perhaps you have seen the commercial that features a little girl that keeps updating her family on how many days, hours and minutes until Christmas.  It would be really annoying if she weren't so cute.  Some of what makes her cute is that we remember that sort of excitement about Christmas.  There was a time when we just couldn't wait for the day to finally roll around.

But, now we are adults.  So many of the things that used to excite us about Christmas just don't apply now.  While we may enjoy the family gatherings, the parties and, yes, even the gifts; that shaking-with-anticipation excitement is no longer there.

Once in a while, our Christmas may be enhanced by the reality of a baby king coming to earth in a manger.  When something about this well-worn story manages to penetrate our layers of callouses built up over the years, we can experience what God did for us, in that manger, with real awe.

For the Christmases that don't get this glimpse into the heart of God, we are left with the world's reality of a Christmas filled with family squabbles and a bunch of presents that can't be afforded and aren't really wanted.  In those empty Christmases, there is a gift that is always left unopened.  That gift is from God and it has your name on it.

This gift, although it is easily ignored, contains some wonderful things.  Unlike many other gifts you may receive, this one contains things that you both want and need.  Within this gift are peace, hope, purpose, significance and joy.  These are gifts that can take a frustrating and purposeless life and turn it into something amazing.  So, if there are such wonderful things within this little gift, why do we ignore it and leave it unopened?

The answer can be found in the words of the angel, “Today in the city of David is born for you a Savior, who is Christ the Lord” (Luke 2:11)  All things Christian have their foundation in real, living faith.  For us, we need to not just be able to say the words, “Jesus is Lord”, but to actually accept Him as Lord and King over our lives.

For many of us, we reached the point to realize that our lives are not what they should be and that all our best efforts just seem to make it worse.  Only at that point, are ready to allow Christ to actually be lord over our life.  When we can honestly say, “Lord, I am yours, I give my everything up to you,” then the unwrapping of God's wonderful gift begins.

I went for years ignoring that precious gift, just pretending it wasn't there or that I didn't need it.  I was completely wrong on both counts.  The Lord is seeking every person and every life can be made better by Christ's precious gifts.  This Christmas, take hold of that gift that God has prepared just for you.  This Christmas can be the most special ever.  For you, I pray for that you have a Christmas that is made amazing through entering into a deeper relationship with Christ.  This year, may your Christmas be filled with His joy!

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